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About us

At Prime3D, we're passionate about 3D printing. Our story began when my wife and I brought our 8 year old son a 3D printer for his birthday. We all became instantly hooked by the possibilities it brings in advancing the way we live our lives. From saving money, to beautiful 3D printed articulated dragons.

I the dad Leigh have a background in composite  engineering and CAD work, so after a conversation with the family we all decided we wanted to share our passion with the world and embarked on a journey to start a 3D printing business together.

After many months learning and getting a deep understanding for FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) our journey begins now! 

We vow to put all our passion and love for this technology into every single part we produce for every single customer. Get to know us and what we stand for. We believe we offer the best 3D printing can offer even if you just have a problem with your own 3D printer we would be more than happy to help.          

What we stand for

We believe in 3D Printing 

Turtle in the Reef

Eco friendly 

We know plastic has a bad rap, but did you know PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) is bio degradable! its made from vegetable waste, mainly corn!


Constant reviewing

We constantly review our processes to make sure we are as efficient and eco friendly as possible.

PLA mask part

High quality

Quality is number one at prime3d if we are not happy we will print it again and again until we are.

Toy Brain

Changing how we think

We aim to show you the endless possibilities of 3D printing and change how you view Prototyping, art, home décor and everything in-between.

3D Manufacturing Printer

State of the art

We are constantly upgrading our machines to keep them at the forefront of the technology.

Customer Support Representative_edited.j

Customer care 

Our clients big or small receive the same level of care and we do everything we can to ensure you are 110% happy from start to end.

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