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Data Protection Systems

We know that your data is crucial to your business, which is why we’ve implemented the latest data protection systems at our family-run 3D printing service and store. You can trust us to safely store and handle your data with care and commitment, as we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible.


Offline printing 

The first step we have taken is to ensure when sensitive data is being produced on our 3D printers is we only run them offline, completely disconnected from the internet. 


Lock and key

After your data is stored on the secure USB flash drive and not in use, it is stored under lock and key in a safe. This safe is monitored and can only be accessed via company management. This ensures another level of security. These safe's are fireproof ensuring in the event of a fire you data is not lost.


Anti virus 

Unfortunately some data has to be transacted online such as emails, this is why we use the latest in antivirus software to ensure emails and company information is kept safe at all times. 


Data storage

At Prime3D we understand the importance of confidentiality, and so the second step we have made is to keep all our customer's data on encrypted and password protected USB flash drives. This allows us to remove the data from online computers, and store the data safely and securely.   


Removal of data 

As soon as our transaction with our clients is complete all data on the flash drives is completely removed via a complete format on the USB flash drive ensuring we never have a data leak of any kind. 



We will always request an NDA or equivalent to sign, we also have our own in house form which we request you sign. This is another way we can help both parties understand the steps taken ensuring all possibilities are covered. 

Ethernet splitter

If you have any questions we are happy to help please email us and we will reply as soon as possible.

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